Mobile is the future of commerce. Businesses that are preparing for a mobile future now, can immediately experience a revenue increase of 26%. Everyday, there are more mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) being activated than there are babies born in the world. Desktop computing is dying and sales of PC’s are falling through the floor. It’s sales of iPhones, Google Android smartphones and tablets such as iPad that are driving the market forward.

As our consumption patterns shift from desktop to mobile, so too will the demand for mobile apps. The availability and quality of apps within a given app store market place is a key driver when consumers decide to purchase Apple, Google, Windows or Blackberry. To date, Android has the largest market share and this is growing all the time. However, it’s iOS (iPhone and iPad) that makes the money, with consumers spending to buy and use apps.

So as consumers shift from desktop to mobile, what does this mean for businesses? It means you’ve developed your last ever desktop focused website. If your website doesn’t render in mobile and offer a good experience, expect your customers to start spending elsewhere. So whether it be the design and development of a mobile responsive website or a fully native mobile app for iPhone or Android, you need to think about the future.

The future of commerce is mobile, as consumers increasingly purchase products and services via the mobile web. Make sure your business is future-proofed and discover the benefits of mobile app and web development today. Contact Phoenix Softcom for a free, no-hassle consultation to discuss your project.

About the author: Harsh Rupani

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